Grand: of the highest rank
Architect: the deviser, maker, or creator of anything.


Grand Architect was developed from the concept that we have the capability to create our own reality. We look to inspire humans to become masters of themselves in all aspects of their lives. We champion all those who strive to achieve their true potential, those who in the face of adversity continue with an inexhaustible determination, those who have ever been great, and those who will ever be great. We want to exemplify the limitlessness of the universe!

All of our designs are derived from concepts taken from art, science, and mathematics. Our goal is to provide garments that represent the notions of education, achievement, and a dedication to greatness to all those who wear them.

Fusing intellectual concepts into well engineered garments.


Grand Architect Clothing was founded in April 2010. It is headed by Brice Long, Reggie Braziel, and Cynthia Enciso. GA has worked with a variety of different artists and designers in the creation of its garments. It has promoted its brand with celebrities, artist, musicians, actors and comedians. It has conducted interviews with students from Ivy league schools, business owners, artists and dj’s to help promote, motivate and communicate its core message.

In February 2013 the GA crew teamed up with upcoming celebrity Kiko Ellsworth in an effort to support “Safe Passage” a charity that aides survivors of domestic violence.